Adult Faith Formation

Faith is a journey…but sometimes we don’t even know where to start.


Do you have a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ”? Have you had a “personal encounter with Jesus”? Sometimes, we as Catholics hear these questions and wonder what they mean. We may go to Mass and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and yet still not feel a day-to-day, conversational or personal relationship with him.

A good first step is simply to acknowledge that you have the desire to know Jesus in a more intimate and personal way. This desire, in itself, is a grace from God. Then, in a private spot, you may want to say aloud, “Lord Jesus, I want to know you better in a personal way. Help me to experience you in my daily life.” Be attentive to how God may reveal himself to you in the coming days through nature, through other people, through circumstances, and through Scripture and the Mass.

But we are not meant to be “Lone Ranger” followers of Christ! We encourage you to explore the faith, ask questions, and share your views with others in a group setting through a Chosen program.


Don’t stop here…deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in your faith. St. Paul offers something for everyone, from Bible studies and book discussions, men’s and women’s fellowship groups, to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

For more information on our current and upcoming faith formation opportunities, register online or call the Parish Office at 313.885.8855.

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