St. Paul Parish Picnic

  • Dinner menu includes grilled steaks ($15.00) or hotdogs (two for $5.00). Beverages (soda and beer) are included in the price. 
  • Please bring a dish to pass.
  • Bounce house available for the children!
  • Windfall raffle drawing

Liz Lev’s Presentation: “The Pope’s Art”

About Liz
Elizabeth Lev is an American-born art historian with the good fortune to live and work in Rome. Life in the “Eternal City” allows her the perfect environment to pursue her many passions.  For on an average day, one can find Elizabeth working on her latest article or book, preparing for one of her worldwide speaking engagements, touring visitors through the treasures of Rome, or using her skills as a sommelier to find the perfect wine to pair with dinner.

The Pope’s Art: The Making of the World’s First World-Class Museum
Three and half miles in the Vatican collection, five hundred years of history and five and a half million visitors a year, how did the Church end up with so much amazing art? This talks looks the creation of the Vatican museums through the contributions of three extraordinary pontiffs, each of whom brought his particular gifts to bear on the collection. Pope Julius II was the “Visionary,” Pius VI the “Money Man” and finally Pius XI the “Public Relations Master.” Despite troubled times and huge obstacles, the three popes recognized the power of art to uplift souls, teach history and promote peace, and dedicated extraordinary efforts to forming the museum we know and love today.

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Lively praise and worship music, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, opportunities for Sacrament of Reconciliation, and a special message from Dr. Tom Graves. Dr. Graves is a family physician, co-founder and Vice-President of HART (Haiti and African Relief Team), and founder of CMF (Catholic Men’s Fellowship). Come hear his message on “Giving Witness to the Power of God’s Mercy.”