Open Doors, Open Hearts: Homeless Week @ St. Paul

Each year, our St. Paul community opens their hearts and doors to welcome and care for the homeless during a week-long interfaith rotating shelter program. March 2016 was St. Paul’s twenty-second year as a participating parish. Here is just an overview of what makes our program so rewarding to both guests, parishioners, and volunteers:


  • Provide a warm, loving, welcoming, and spiritual environment for our less fortunate guests at all times.
  • Ensure that all the needs of our guests are met whenever possible.
  • Always treat our guests and each other with love and respect. “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15
  • Encourage fellowship between our parishioners, volunteers and invited guests


  • Provide a warm and loving environment for our guests
  • Provide two hot meals and 1-2 large bag lunches daily
  • Deliver superior accommodations to our guests
  • Provide daily worship and spiritual opportunities for our guests
  • Foster a positive, challenging and rewarding environment
  • Ensure effective communication with our guests and each other
  • Encourage unity and fellowship amongst our guests and fellow parishioners
  • Organize activities, entertainment and opportunities for just having fun!

Interesting Facts About Our Program

  • Open Hearts, Open Doors is the largest outreach program organized by St. Paul Church.
  • We prepare more than 950 meals during the week long program.
  • Last year, we served 15 gallons of orange juice and over 25 gallons of hot coffee!
  • We use 15 loaves of bread and 12 pounds of meat and cheese to make lunches every day.
  • Each year, an estimated 350-500 people volunteer to help with this program in various ways.


March 3-10, 2018


If you would like additional program information or to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Tricia Kesteloot at 313.885.7022 or email.