A message from Monsignor Pat

Dear Friends in Christ,

This October (2018) I’ll travel for the first time to cities in Greece and Turkey where St. Paul preached and established Churches.  About 30 parishioners and friends, including my long-time travelling buddy, Bishop Don Hanchon, go with me.

I plan to carry a copy of this directory as well.  The other pilgrims and I will carry you with us, and pray for you as we visit Athens (Paul preaching on the Aereopagus is beautifully represented in our north transept window), Corinth, Thessalonica, Philippi, and Ephesus.  I know how the gospels came alive when I first visited the Holy Land.  I expect the Holy Spirit will have similar grace available for us on this journey.

The Holy Spirit continues to work here in Grosse Pointe as well.  The grace He has for us through Synod 16 continues to unfold.  Arch-bishop Vigneron encourages us to think of ourselves as living in the 29th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles.  St. Luke’s New Testament book has only 28.  As I’ve mentioned in homilies, the Same Holy Spirit who inspired St. Luke and St. Paul is still at work.  I sometimes think (and I’ve been guilty of this myself) we compare the Holy Spirit to a can of Sprite.  Left open for a day or two, the Sprite loses its fizz.  2,000 years after Ss. Paul, Luke and Timothy, we think they got the Holy Spirit’s “spiritual fizz,” and we’re left with the flat beverage.

To which I offer a hearty “NO”!  The Holy Spirit leads and empowers us, just as surely as He did those who preached at Corinth, Ephesus and Rome.

The Holy Spirit calls us to preach in Grosse Pointe.  This directory shows us two things: First, we’re not doing this alone.  Plenty of believers join us, support us, inspire us.  Second, we can page through and ask ourselves, “What happened to them?  I haven’t seen them for a while.”

Fr. Craig and a faith-filled group of parishioners are already reaching out to members who may have drifted away.  If worshipping at another parish, fine.  But if there’s some way we can bring someone back to Jesus Christ, we’ll give it a try.

As in past years I urge you to pray over the names on these pages. Pray especially for anyone you haven’t seen for a while.  Send us an email with the name.  We can be very sure the Holy Spirit wants us to invite them back.

In Christ’s peace,

Msgr. Pat Halfpenny