4 Pieces of Advice to New College Students

Here is some great information for students starting college.  This information is also good for students in high school.  Click on the link below.

Click here for the Great Adventure Website for tips.

Youth Ministry

Welcome to St. Paul on the Lake Youth Ministry! We are so glad you have found us.  Please use this page to keep up to date on all that we are doing in both the middle and high school programs.

“O Lord Jesus Christ, keep these young people in your love. Let them hear your voice and believe what you say, for you alone have the words of life. Teach them how to profess their faith, bestow their love, and impart their hope to others. Make them convincing witnesses to your Gospel in a world so much in need of your saving grace. Make them the new people of the Beatitudes, that they may be the salt of the earth and the light of the world at the beginning of the Third Christian Millennium! Mary, Mother of the Church, protect and guide these young men and women of the 21st century. Keep us all close to your maternal heart. Amen.” (St. John Paul II)

Beth Allison

Beth Allison

Director of Youth Ministry

My name is Beth Allison and I am the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Paul on the Lake. My office is located in the St. Paul School building, on the second floor across from the Religious Education Library. I look forward to hearing from you.