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Welcome to St. Paul on the Lake Youth Ministry!

Youth Ministry is a place to explore faith together.  Our mission for youth ministry at St. Paul is to help teens encounter Jesus, grow in community, feel loved, and share their faith with others.  We gather middle schoolers on Thursdays from 7-8:30pm and high schoolers on Sundays from 7-9pm during the school year.  We take the time to think and talk about the big questions of life- faith, God, and our purpose while also attending events like World Youth Day, mission trips, and conferences.  SPIRIT High School youth gatherings always start with a meal (Pizza balls are a fan favorite!) and FOG Junior High youth gatherings always have the best snacks!

St. Paul Youth Ministry- Making the Most of the COVID-19 Situation

It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s a lot up in the air, and we’re not sure when we’ll start gathering at the church again – but that doesn’t mean youth nights have to stop…

Thousands of teenagers from across the country are gathering on Sunday nights for the BIGGEST YOUTH NIGHT EVER. It’s called ProjectYM Live and each week it’ll feature some of the biggest speakers and worship leaders in the Catholic youth ministry world.

Our parish is signed up to participate – all your teenager has to do is head to PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH this Sunday (3/22) at 8pm.

  • No preregistration required. The broadcast starts at 8pm, but plan to have your student log in a few minutes early to make sure they’re on when it starts. They will need a PARENT EMAIL ADDRESS to log on.
  • They can access the event on any device with a web browser – but the faster the connection, the better.
  • PS. Though this event is geared at teenagers, parents are invited to watch along with them!

How to Answer Tough Questions about God and Coronavirus

“School canceled. The NBA season suspended. People sick. And most tragic, thousands of people are dead.  Why would God allow such a terrible disease to become a pandemic? If God has the power, why wouldn’t He stop it?”  Read the blog post linked below:

Why Does God Allow the Coronavirus? 4 Christian Insights.

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Are you in need of a project at home? The Helm is in need of homemade Easter or Spring cards to pass on to our meals on wheels recipients. The homemade cards will certainly bring cheer to their clients especially during this time. Cards can be placed in a plastic bag and dropped off at The Helm 158 Ridge Road, Grosse Pointe Farms on the front porch or at the front desk Monday through Friday between 9 am to 5 pm.

Beth Allison

Beth Allison

Youth Ministry Coordinator